BOSS Blending Optimizer Service Solution

Increase revenues and improve inventory management by capturing losses of excess fishmeal


What is BOSS?

BOSS is a fishmeal management enterprise platform solution that includes inventory, production and mixing management. BOSS has been built using the latest heuristic and machine learning algorithms.


Increase the value of your batches of fishmeal through our smart blending.


Improve your KPIs of raw material and operational efficiency. Increase revenue with the same inventory.


Intelligent fishmeal blending web platform

Technical features

* Import your inventory from Excel. * ERP Integration. * Realtime Dashboard. * 24/7 access. * Roles and Permissions. * OnLine Technical assistance.

Our tools

Our optimization platform is designed to easily integrate into your production process by inventory management and commercial contract management. All just in one place!

Inventory Management Module

With this platform you can register the batches processed, their chemical characteristics, their location, restrictions and their productive status and commercial assignments.

Optimized Allocation Module

We use the available stock to generate a blend of batches with lower quality and the highest profit margin that satisfy the terms of the commercial contracts to be shipped.

Our products

Intelligent blending software

Acquisition of software license and coaching in the company for its use.

  • Up to 20 Concurrent User
  • Unlimited Blending plans
  • Hosted on your own servers
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Post Sale Support

Full Blending Solution

We perform the blending optimization of the company through highly trained personnel

  • Access qualified personnel to manage your blending plant
  • Advanced Dashboard powered by ElasticSearch
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Technical Account Manager
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